A Simple Truth

I have a rabbit called Patience. She turned 7 last December. Patience has a suitor called Mookie. Mookie’s a cow (ok, bull actually), that came to live with us in about 2001 / 2002. Mookie fell in love with Patience at first sight and has been an ardent suitor of Patience but Patience doesn’t like Mookie. Patience gets very annoyed by him and she has asked me a few times to get her a compatible male rabbit. I always tell Patience that I haven’t found anyone suitable yet… almost all my rabbits are in pairs except her so she feels a little left out sometimes.. but mostly she’s ok.

A couple of days ago, Patience started treating Mookie a little better (she’s usually really mean to the poor bull). I asked Patience if she’s started to change her opinion of Mookie and decided to accept him? Patience said no. She said she was touched that Mookie has liked her for so many years but, “I want a rabbit boyfriend”, she whispered in my ear. I promised her that I’ll find her one some day. I haven’t found the right rabbit for her but i know there’s 1 out there and i only want the best and most suitable rabbit for her, so that she, like all my other rabbits, will live in the most perfect happy ever after.

Last year, I got a book for Christmas called, “When God Writes Your Love Story”. It’s an interesting book (anyone who wants to borrow, just let me know). One lesson i learnt from the book is that it’s really not just about “learning to love the person you marry”… it should be to love your husband/wife, before you even meet him/her! For anyone who’s still caught up in the dating cycle, i think we usually tell ourselves that it’s ok… each broken relationship is an experience whereby we learn something. But with each broken relationship comes pain, hurt, scars… and do we really need one more painful experience? It appears to me that it’s just another self-consoling thing to say.

Why do we always admire and look in awe when we see 2 people who are both each others’ first gf/bf fall in love & get married? Part of the amazement probably stems from the fact that chances of that happening in this day and age is near zilch… but a sense of wonder also arises from the fact that that would be the most romantic love story. When we were all young, and innocent, we would dream of meeting our prince charming/snow whife, get married and live happily ever after. We don’t dream about meeting a couple of toads first, dating some evil step-sisters, then finally settle for someone that we could probably live with for the rest of our lives, and get married ‘cos we want the government’s baby bonus right?

Has romanticism died? I don’t know man.. but let me not be the one to kill it. Maybe God has been trying to teach me something through Patience all along…

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