Would you make the call?

Am waiting for Zounds to send me a video of stuff that i can blackmail him with now. Think it’s gonna take about 30min so i thought i’ll share something more lighthearted.

A couple of weeks ago, i got to know this rather cute guy. Let’s call him Cuppaccino. Feeling rather adventurous ‘cos i was on a birthday high, i decided to initiate a conversation with him. So i went up to him one day, and struck up a conversation. After exchanging a few pleasantries, i confessed that i had forgotten his name and i re-introduced myself. He said he remembered my name… and told me his name was _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . He then picked up this telephone directory that was lying around, and showed me where i could find his name. He kept pointing at the telephone directory and i thought to myself then, “ok… are u trying to hint to me to call u?”. I was standing some distance away then so i couldn’t see what was written on the paper. Anyway, i very quickly ran out of conversation and left.

After i got back, i checked the copy of the telephone directory i had with me and saw that there wasn’t any telephone number next to his name in the directory. That got me a little puzzled as to what he was pointing to.

I soon forgot about that little mystery till last week, when i was in the same place that i saw the cute guy. I saw the directory on the table and so i picked it up to take a closer look at it… ah… then the puzzle pieces fell in place. The directory he was pointing to was a different version from the one that i had, and it had his mobile number next to his name. Heh… so was he hinting to me to call him after all?

Oh well, too bad i suppose… ‘cos it’s just not me to make the first call to a guy. Anyhow, i saw Cuppaccino again recently and got reminded of the incident. I actually found it quite amusing… heh heh… my good friend ssrv036 thinks that i should give him a call… though she would never do it for the life of her. Hahah… oh well, maybe i should take note of the number… in case i ever get bored sometimes…. 😉

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