No Lifer

Some bigshot in my company was in town today and so there was a happy hour thingy at OneFullerton, with finger food and drinks paid for by the company. Wasn’t that keen on going ‘cos i don’t know most of the people in the company that well and was afraid i would be forced to make “how’s the weather” type of conversations…then again, i thought it may be good to go so i could get to know more people. I mean… it’s quite a “chicken or the egg” kind of thing right?

In the end, my HOD set a “directive” that all of us had to be there (or at least those who didn’t have any prior appointment) and so i went. It was ok… an informal setting and i mingled with my dept people, and the few girls that i know from work.

Being a no lifer with no program on a Friday night, I stayed till the end of the happy hour. Was undecided whether to stay on for even more drinks or to go home but chose the latter instead ‘cos i didn’t know the group that was staying on very well.

Walked to Cityhall mrt with my “neighbour” at work. Sigh… after reaching home, i felt damn super sian man… it’s like… what the heck am i doing home at 9:30pm on a Friday night!! Talk about no life lor! But what to do? Really no exciting programme to attend… so i came on the Internet. Spoke a little to some friends online but still felt darn bored…

Then a crazy thought crossed my mind! Maybe i should send an sms to Cuppaccino! Just for the kick of it. Asked my good son Gouki for his opinion and he was all for it. I suspect he was bored at home on a Fri night and was keen to see some action… at his lao ma’s expense.

I sent the sms. Just a simple text to say hi and about not having the chance to talk to him. Gouki asked what was my objective? Frankly, nothing. I’m not keen on him in the slightest way… but just wanted to do something wild (it was this or confronting who’s really bothering me) and so i did.

The outcome? I’m being silently rejected. 😛 (Yo azure – guess this makes up for the “crazy” thing i was supposed to do on my birthday.)


Ok… i wasn’t silently rejected. Got a reply from Cuppaccino this morning. He rushed off for another meeting last nite and is on his way to Sydney now. Haha… busy guy. I want a job that allows me to travel too! 😛

Saturday 4/6/2005, 11:06am

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