As the dust settles

Having been “chastised” by a few people over the ambiguity of my last post, i decided to be more forthright about what’s happening in my life now. After all, UptownGal was never known to be reticent in the way she handles things.

Yes, yes, i’m attached. I was hesitant about being so open about it previously because everything happened so fast that i was a little afraid. Not that i don’t have confidence in Clown… On the contrary, i have more faith this time round than previously.

Clown & i are pretty similar in character & tastes. It is actually a little freaky sometimes to have someone so similar to you. It did make me wonder initially whether he was just pretending to be thus so i would like him. Thankfully, no. 😛

I have also realised that i’m also quite protective of Clown. I’m not saying that he’s without flaws but a big part of the reason why i didn’t want to share about him was ‘cos i didn’t want my brothers & sisters in Christ to criticise the fact that he is not attending any church now.

Ironically, Clown is a lot more concerned about my spiritual walk than i am. He bugs me about attending service & going for cellgroup. Being high in my inertia ratings, i often get too lazy to drag myself out of bed to attend church on Sundays. As a matter of fact, i don’t usually go for service unless it’s my turn for backup singing. Somehow, when you only get like 1/2 day off per week, sleeping that 1 hour later on Sun mornings becomes a huge deal.

Of course, everything’s sweet & perfect during this honeymoon period. At this point of time, i do not know if we have any fundamental “deal breaker” sort of difference when it comes to our faith but i will continue to pray that God will be leading both of us in the journey ahead.


P.S. Heh… if not for the ambiguity of my last post, i wouldn’t have known my blog has more audience than i knew existed!

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