I’m still alive!

It’s been ages since i last posted on this blog. Haven’t had much thoughts to share really and i’m not the sort who likes to post a diary of events online – hence the silence. Life’s been very much the same – work, meet bf, meet friends, work meet bf, meet friends. Haven’t had much off days in the past month either. I try to take Fridays off as much as i can.. but even when i am “off”, i still get tons of phone calls & i tend to still handle some work stuff.

My phone bill last month was insane – $206.29 for Singtel and $29+ for Starhub! I’ve never given Singtel so much business in a month before! (Azure – this is where your bonus is coming from ok!)

Surprisingly, I haven’t burnt out yet. Perhaps it’s because i quite enjoy my work. I’m also pretty happy that my boss recognizes my efforts / contributions and gave me a promotion (albeit the paltry increment of $100). Not many people in my company know about the promotion so i’m just basking in my own shadow of glory that i just clocked one of the fastest promotion (5 months since i joined the company).

Ok… self-back patting aside, i’ll be going to Hong Kong this coming Thursday, and will be back on Monday. Wanted to go in September so that i could pay the new HK Disneyland a visit but after seeing the cost of the entry fee, and reading about the masses that will be storming the place, i decided to visit it another time. (Damn, i never seem to get to visit Disneyland… not in LA, not in HK…)

So if anyone knows of any good makan / shopping venues in HK, please drop me a sms fast ya? Am planning to visit at least one salsa club in HK too… hope it won’t be too expensive because i’m super broke (that’s another story). All salseros in Singapore are so pampered at the minimal club entry fees we pay. Sigh.

Okie… sleepy time. Goodnight folks!

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