Hong Kong – Live it Love it!

Am back from Hong Kong! It seems like only yesterday when i was shopping at Causeway Bay but as Azure pointed out, we first got drenched by HK rain 1 week ago! A lot of damage was done. I spent a grand total of HKD 3,597.90. That works out to about SGD 770.43! I don’t think i’ve ever shopping so much at one go before. Of the four of us who went to HK – me, Azure, Zounds, and Clown – Zounds was the top spender, followed by Clown, then me, and Azure held up best amidst all the temptation from the wide wide selection of stores.

I wanted to do a day to day account of where we went… but it was basically just shop & eat & shop & eat so not much of an itinerary to write about. We wanted to visit The Peak, Stanley Market & the Wishing Tree but we encountered heavy rain every day we were there (except the day we were leaving for Singapore) so we ended up just shopping. Some good places to visit if you’re going to HK soon:

  • Sunny Bay MTR. You can take a train from there to Disneyland. Although Disneyland will only open on 12 Sep, the train ride itself is very fun. Hehe… it’s the one place you can really let yourself go and do all sorts of tourist-y things like snapping photos fanatically & running everywhere to pose for pictures. The windows of the Disney train are all shaped lke Mickey Mouse, and there’re displays of all the different Disney characters in the train. Heh. Perfect for puerile entertainment. 😛
  • Times Square (Causeway Bay MTR) – 13 floors of shopping!
  • Island Beverly (Causeway Bay MTR) – It’s like the Far East Plaza of HK.
  • Mitsukoshi / 三 越 (Causeway Bay MTR) – Maxim Dimsum Restaurant – you’re an idiot to miss this place. You MUST MUST MUST try their egg tarts & char siu soh
  • Every single Esprit store you come across… especially the one at Tsim Sha Tsui, opposite Park Lane Shopping Ctr
  • Park Lane Shopping Ctr – check out the U2!
  • This local diner that’s opposite BP International House (Jordan MTR). The macaroni & ham, milk tea, and French toast is droolicious! (I forgot the name of the diner but if you want, you can check out how it looks from my photos. Haha.)
There’s also this diner place near Causeway Bay MTR that serves excellent Cheong Fun (try the Cheong Fun that has You Tiao as a filling), carrot cake (with bits of chinese sausage!), sesame paste & porridge… but i can’t remember the road name anymore. Can Zounds or Azure remember?? And make sure u buy lots of Maxim White Lotus Paste Mooncake… yummy….

I have a warning though. In case you’re travelling with a smart aleck like i was… do NOT let him take you to see the “longest escalator in the world”. That darn escalator is but a red herring i tell you!! It’s the longest escalator to NOTHING. You just go up up up… to realise that it ends at this stupid road with nothing to see. *Rolls eyes*. Then u spend the next 20mins climbing stairs all the way down… *shakes head*. As if all that shopping didn’t give our legs enough toning!

Zounds & Azure – is one of you holding onto my map? ‘Cos i can’t find it with me. Can you return it to me if it’s with you? Thanks…


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    You have not seen Hong Kong. Full stop. Challenge. Draw swords. En garde

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