In memory of Tangyuan

Tangyuan passed away yesterday. Poor gal was crushed by an umbrella stand that was propped up against the wall…

We have this umbrella stand base that my dad placed against the wall. It’s Tangyuan’s favourite chillout place. Unfortunately yesterday, the umbrella stand slid down & crushed her…. 25kg umbrella stand on a poor little netherland dwarf.

At first, Bazhang didn’t know that his friend was killed… my dad discovered her body first. He tried massaging her to revive her but it was too late. While my dad was digging a hole to bury her, BZ saw his friend lying motionless on the floor. He went over & used his nose / head to nudge her body repeatedly. When TY failed to respond, BZ went away & hid in their hideout. He was upset the whole night… didn’t really eat his dinner and was generally agitated.

This morning, BZ hung around the spot where he saw TY’s body. My dad chased him back to the cage for his lunch and he refused to come out after that. He’s been in there all day just moping. I think he’s really depressed.

I wanted to wait a week or so before getting BZ another female companion but when i saw how depressed he is, i thought i better act fast. I don’t want him to die of loneliness!!

I’m going to the pet shop tonight. Hope i can find a compatible rabbit for BZ.

My poor rabbits. 🙁

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