Muah Chee!

Clown & i got a new friend for Bazhang last night. We went to quite a few pet shops before i found the cutest holland lop at this pet shop at Serangoon North. Her coat’s a sandy-grey hue and i love her long lop ears! She’s 3.5 months old (which means her birthday’s the same month as me!) and she’s really cute.

We decided to name her Muah Chee ‘cos 1) it sounds cute & 2) the colour of her fur is like the colour of the peanut bits.

Muah Chee is really active…. to the extent of being foolhardy. The first thing she did this morning when my dad removed the rain shelter covering the top of her cage was to leap real high… and she ended up knocking her head against the grilled ceiling of her cage. When my dad let her out of the cage, she was so excited that she ran around our backyard really fast… and knocked into the side of her cage… then she started running on the drain covers at the edge of the yard… and ‘cos the grilles are really big, her front legs kept falling in! I was so scared she’ll hurt herself i quickly grabbed her & put her back on firm ground. But she kept wanting to repeat her stilt-walking act. Sigh…. u would think she’s into extreme sports!

This little rabbit also has no sense of danger. I brought her out to the front garden when BZ was there to see if i could get them to interact. My intention was to let them get to know each other slowly… but no… the word “slow” doesn’t exist in MC’s dictionary. When she saw BZ lying in his brick-hideout, she happily hopped towards him. I quickly pulled her back in case BZ turned aggressive. After a few attempts, she gave up and went to munch on the grass. I think that was the first time she saw grass ‘cos she was so thrilled by it. Round and round the grass patch she ran. Heh..

Later in the evening, MC brazenly hopped into BZ’s cage and BZ got a little ruffled by her. He started sniffing her & using his nose to prod her body. My dad managed to calm BZ down and he laid down at the front of his cage to take a nap. Undeterred by BZ’s lack of welcome, MC also made herself comfortable and took a nap in BZ’s cage. She seemed to prefer BZ’s cage to her own.

After about 15mins, BZ woke up to find MC still lying in his cage. He got a little offended and started showing her who’s the boss! He sniffed her left & right & left & right… this time, MC got a little frightened and “kowtow-ed” to BZ. She put her head right down against the floor, ears flopped by the side & remained motionless as BZ sniffed & prodded her. I tried to pacify BZ but he refused to calm down. Seeing that he was getting more aggressive, i quickly took MC out of his cage.

Looks like BZ still misses his childhood friend Tangyuan. Hopefully in time to come, he’ll treat MC as nicely as he used to treat TY – lick her back, let her grab food that he’s eating, and so on. At least i know for sure that MC feels a certain affinity for BZ. 🙂

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