Bazhang stomped at me!

BZ & MC have been getting on pretty ok just that BZ can get a little bossy sometimes. It starts by a friendly sniff at MC’s back… then he gets more domineering and starts to prod her back… and when he’s really showing who’s the boss, he ends up nibbling at her fur and i think it hurts ‘cos MC always flinches and hops away when he does that.

2 nights ago i allowed BZ to visit MC’s cage. BZ was in a rather foul mood and started being a little aggressive towards poor little MC. After failing to calm him down, i removed him from her cage & placed him back into his own cage. I wagged my finger at him and told him that if he wasn’t going to behave himself & stop bullying MC, i would stop him from playing with her.

That’s when he lost his temper & stomped at me! That horrible rabbit! He stomped 5-6 times… BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! It was so loud that both MC & i were frightened. MC froze in fright in her cage & just stared at BZ when he stomped.

I was really worried ‘cos this is the first time any of my rabbits ever lost their temper & stomped their foot. I told my friend who’s really good with rabbits about it and he says it’s part & parcel of rabbit behaviour – it’s just a form of expression. But the thing is, none of my rabbits ever lost their temper before and i was worried about whether it’ll affect BZ’s health. He has after all been rather temperamental since TY passed away.

That was 2 nights back and BZ seems all right now. He still doesn’t eat much and mopes when he’s alone (we don’t let MC out during the day unless someone is in the yard watching her ‘cos we’re afraid the stray cats might come into my house & attack her, or she may somehow hurt herself in her pursuit of extreme sports). But whenever i let BZ & MC out to play at night, BZ loves to chase MC round the backyard and MC sometimes plays a game of hide & seek with him. It’s really funny to see MC hiding herself behind the potted plants & BZ running all over looking for his new friend.

My parents weighed MC last week when she first came. That was on 6 Sep i think… and she weighed 1.1kg.

Clown & i weighed both MC & BZ yesterday… MC is now 1.2kg & BZ is a staggering 2.5kg! Did i mention that BZ is a netherland dwarf? Hahahaha…

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