Tim & Tam passed away

Woke up this morning and saw that Tammy was dead. Timmy (i decided to name them in the order they were born. I’m pretty sure the one with the smaller head, i.e. Tammy was the one born 2nd ‘cos this baby was born the smallest of all 4 but it was the most active when born.) was struggling for its life. They both looked even skinnier than last night! I don’t know how come they could lose so much mass in 8 hours.

I took Timmy up & warmed it in my hands. My dad prepared some glucose water for it to drink. It’s breathing was hard & laboured but it managed to lick 3 drops of water. It did seem to get a little better but it still died shortly after.We buried Tim & Tam in the front garden next to Cokie. I took a photo of them together before i buried them. Just to remember the babies by.

My dad & i suspect that Horlicks might be pregnant too ‘cos she’s been digging a lot lately & she has suddenly grown to be fatter than Muah Chee. I use MC as a benchmark now. Rabbits that dig + grow bigger than MC = pregnant. I’m kind of hoping that Horlicks is really pregnant ‘cos it would be really cool to have babies born & brought up in my house. But i’m still going ahead to sterilise Coffee ‘cos the survival rate of newborn babies are very low. (I’ve already booked a date for Coffee to be sterilised – 1/2/2006).

I was lamenting that it’s a pity Much Chee wasn’t the one who was pregnant ‘cos she’s the most caring of all the rabbits. My dad says that MC is also more matured so the babies may have a higher chance of survival. Oh well, if Horlicks does give birth, at least we’ll be better prepared now. Also, Horlicks likes to be touched by humans… like a little puppy…. so we prob. can give her more help in feeding her babies. I’m going to pet & carry Horlicks more often now…. at least make sure she’s really really used to people carrying her. So should she have babies, can help carry her in a standing position & put the babies to her body to suckle.

Please still pray that Peanut will get over her loss ok? I don’t know how she’ll react to the babies being gone.

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January 2006