Tim & Tam

I’m still using Tim Tam as my MSN pic. I miss them even though they lived for only a short 3 days. I feel sad yet happy when their image appears in my mind. I think nature is such a paradox sometimes… like how a mother rabbit knows how to pull her fur to make a nest but yet she can not know how to feed her babies properly. And how babies will fight for their lives no matter how difficult the odds are.

I surfed the Internet extensively for more information on nursing baby rabbits & compiled a list of websites that had the most useful information. Sent the links to my dad to read too and he summarised the things we have to do when Horlicks gives birth (i’m really assuming she’s pregnant here).

We’re quite prepared now…. my dad bought nesting wool to line the floor of the box and we’ll use the wooden house that the rabbits used to lie in as shelter for the babies. I’m going to buy alfafa hay tomorrow to place on top of the nesting wool and my dad has also created a smaller litter tray for Horlicks so that the house/nesting box can fit in the cage together with the litter tray.

Coffee is living alone in BZ’s old cage now. He looks quite lonely at times but no choice lah… gotta put him in solitary confinement till he becomes a eunuch. Peanut & MC are in the bigger cage and they’ve been living quite harmoniously together. Horlicks is in a cage by herself so that she & her babies will have their personal space when they come along. We estimate the babies to come around the end of this month.

Now i just gotta think of names for the new babies… 🙂

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