A miracle & a tragedy

This morning when i went to check on the babies, i couldn’t find them in the nesting box!! They somehow rolled themselves under the nesting wool and totally out of sight. I was gently probing the wool to find them and Horlicks kept hopping in & out of the cage…

After searching for like 5 mins, Horlicks came & started sniffing the corner of the cage…. and that’s when i saw a pink baby inside the litter tray!!! (As in the litter tray beneath the cage.) I quickly pulled out the litter tray from under the cage & there it was! The FATTEST PINKIEST little baby! Thank God it was still alive! And warm too! This baby is a true miracle baby! Somehow i’ve this strange hope that this miracle baby will be able to survive & grow up.

While i was really thrilled to find this 3rd baby, a tragedy occured during the night. Out of the 2 babies we placed in the nesting box last nite? The plumper one was sound asleep underneath the wool but the thinner one died. It was still a little warm so it must have just died only. Poor thing… i’m not sure if it suffocated in the wool (‘cos it rolled itself to the corner of the box, totally covered up by the wool), or if it died ‘cos it was under-nourished at birth.

My dad fed the plump baby a little bit of milk just now but the fat miracle baby is still sleeping soundly. Oh… it did pee a little. Guess it got the most amount of food while in the mother’s womb. Anyway, i don’t approve of my dad handling the babies so much in the first 24 hrs.. i mean… what if Horlicks looks for her babies and can’t find them then she gives up nursing them or something?!?

But what’s been done cannot be changed… so bo pian. I’m going to try to force Horlicks to nurse the babies tonite. My gameplan is to place her standing up on my lap, then put the babies at her nipples (my dad claims he can’t find them). My dad thinks this won’t work but i think it will… well, we’ll see how it goes. I really hope miracle baby & plump baby will survive.

Please pray for them.

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January 2006