Mummy Horlicks

Horlicks just gave birth to 2 babies! My parents just came home from dinner and my dad went to check on the rabbits. He heard Horlicks making darn a lot of noise, wanting to come out of her cage. Out of pity, he opened the door for her and ta-da! There were 2 baby rabbits there! Horlicks started pulling her fur outside the cage (talk about last minute work) so my dad scooped up the babies & placed them in the nesting box we prepared.As my dad was preparing the entire nesting facility (it’s now been upgraded to this wooden house with a cardboard box base, filled with nesting wool hollowed out in the middle), Horlicks jumped back into her cage… but i guess ‘cos she didn’t see her babies, she left the cage & stopped pulling her fur.

Anyway, after i came home, we did a search to make sure that there were no babies left stranded around the backyard. We found a whole clump of fur in the drain… guess Horlicks dumped the fur there when she couldn’t find her babies… so we removed the metal grating of the drain and i fished out the fur. We’ve placed the fur on top of the babies so hopefully Horlicks will know they’re there by the smell?

I couldn’t see the babies very clearly ‘cos they were in the nesting facility when i got home… my dad says they’re slightly shorter than Tim Tam but plumper. I saw a partial view of them and they were definitely a lot more pink!!

Please pray that Horlicks will know what to do ‘cos it really seems that the survival of baby rabbits depend 99% on the mother.


We locked Horlicks back into her cage (she was roaming about the backyard and only returned to her cage to eat & drink but didn’t go see her babies) and she protested strongly. She wanted to come out but we quickly covered up the cage & switched off the lights. Hopefully she’ll settle down and learn to nurse her babies. My main worry is that she doesn’t know where the babies are! 🙁

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January 2006