“Eat dead cat”

There’s this Cantonese saying, “吃死猫” and it basically means to take the blame for someone else. Well, I wronged Coffee. No wonder he refused to play with me the past week.Just now, before Vivi left, I asked her to help me clarify Muah Chee’s gender and guess what we discovered? MC’s a guy!! I can’t look at MC straight in the eye now ‘cos all along i thought ‘he’ was a ‘she’! *Sob*

Then it occurred to me… the reason why 001 & 002 have really long ears is not ‘cos they “take after their mom” but ‘cos both their parents are lop-ear rabbits! (MC’s a Mini Lop & Horlicks is a Holland Lop).

This is how i reasoned it out:
MC has always humped Horlicks since she first came. Coffee started humping Peanut 1 month ago and only stopped in the past 2 weeks. He then switched his focus to Horlicks and tried to mate with her… but Horlicks always ran away. At first, i thought he somehow succeeded in mating with Horlicks… but given that Horlicks gave birth about the same time as Peanut, she must have gotten pregnant about 1 week later only!

Hence the most probable father is MC! And u know what? MC tried to silence me after i discovered “she’s” a male!

When i scooped “her” up just now for Vivi to check her gender, MC didn’t resist at all. But after Vivi announced that MC’s a male, fwah lau… MC struggled & kicked. In fact, MC kicked so hard that his hind leg went straight for my stomach. It felt like someone gave me a punch! And when i took a bath just now? I saw 2 scratch marks on my tummy! It’s a miracle that my blouse didn’t tear! Tsk tsk!

That sneaky fella…

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  1. 1 k

    muahahaha…. MC is a boy!!!
    It’s like the moomoo syndrome :p

  2. 2 UptownGal

    My dad said that Peanut kena rape by MC already ‘cos 2 nites ago we put them in the same cage. My mom’s worried that Peanut may get pregnant… sigh…

  3. 3 UptownGal

    Anyway, i’m still confused. Can we have it down in black & white? Is moomoo a gal or boy?

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