Goodnight babies

Just went to check on the babies. They’re sleeping in a small box in the guest room on the 2nd floor. We decided not to keep them outside ‘cos the change in temperature may be too drastic for them and since it was obvious that Horlicks wouldn’t be able to feed them successfully, we chose to keep them inside & increase their chances of survival, even though Horlicks may miss her babies.

The 2 darlings are definitely hungry now… they’re like sucking as they sleep… oh well, some websites say that mommy rabbits feed twice a day – during dawn & just before dusk… while some other websites say that mommy rabbits feed once during the day, usually during the night. I guess it could be both? I’m not sure. Was wondering if i should wake Horlicks up to feed the babies… but that would be cruel too? Poor gal fed 002 till she ran out of milk just now!

I’m going to sleep now… gotta wake up early in the morning to feed them before i go to work. Need to set aside 1.5 hrs every morning to coax Horlicks into feeding them. My main worry is that once their teeth grow sharper, it may get too painful when they nibble on Horlicks’ teats and she may not allow them to feed anymore… but will have to cross that bridge when we get to it i guess!

Goodnight everyone! I love my babies.

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January 2006