I’m not sure about you but when i was young, whenever my nanny wanted me to pee, she would make this “sheeee sheeee” sound. Sometimes i wonder if this is a Singaporean thing or a globally recognized sound that “sheee sheee” means to pee.

Now, according to all the baby bunnies nursing websites i’ve been reading, one is supposed to help the baby “eliminate” / “defecate” after meals by using a cotton wool dabbed in warm water to stroke the baby’s tummy & anal area. So like all dutiful bunny sitter, i’ve been trying to help Pinky in her digestion & elimination processes by doing the above. Unlike Fatty who would spray his pee (and i mean like shoot all over my t-shirt kind of spray) all over once i used a warm cotton wool to stroke him, Pinky obviously has a tighter control over her bladder.

So the last time when Pinky drank way way way too much milk from her mommy, i half panicked and decided that i should massage her digestive system till she pees ‘cos she was soooo bloated. I was even desperate enough to try and make the traditional “sheeeee sheeee” sound. My… i “sheeee-ed”, and i massaged, and i stroked, and i patted but Pinky just refused to pee!!

Sigh… that night i was really so worried ‘cos her tummy was so huge from all the milk. Even when she stretched out, i could see her slim shoulder, followed by a HUGE ROUND tummy, then slim hips and a pointy tail. It’s really quite scary.

But that’s not the point. I just wanted to reiterate that i’ve concluded that the sound “sheeee sheeee” helps a kid to pee is but a myth.

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January 2006