Big Brother is Watching

Have u ever wondered who is reading your blog, if anyone at all? Given the vast expanse of cyberspace, i’ve always wondered if anyone other than my few colleagues & friends know of the existence of this blog. How do people find their way here? Do i pop up on Google (i do!)? Where do these readers unknown to me come from?I got my 1st known visit from a stranger a few days ago. I didn’t realise she left a comment on 13 Feb till last night when i saw her comment (albeit a really short one) about Pinky. I was pretty happy…. in part that someone thinks Pinky is adorable, in part that someone outside of Singapore found my blog, and left a comment. (Not counting all those automatic spam comments i get from idiots who just want to generate publicity for their blog.)

Curious, i checked out her blog too and found it interesting enough to explore it and guess what? I found this statistic counter that helps webmasters tally various information about the people that access their websites. Ah…. finally a good tracking tool to monitor who reads your blog.

Click here if you’re interested in downloading this counter too. 🙂

Heh… don’t say i didn’t warn u. I’m watching u….

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  1. 1 kc

    eh cheat one! I clicked on one of ur comment links and when I clicked back to ur main page the stat counter increased by 1?

    Anyway, just to let u know that i’m lurking. haha! 🙂

  2. 2 UptownGal

    Eh, no lah. Someone from the US surfed in the same time as u did. But he/she only stayed for 1min 32sec or something like that. Heh.

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