My apologies

I was scanning through my old blog entries looking for this person’s blog’s url… couldn’t find it but saw a couple of comments that were posted quite some time back! Aiyoh, so paiseh. Sorry i didn’t see the comments earlier… not that it’s a big deal to anyone but i didn’t realise that i forgot to set a notification to be sent to my email add if someone leaves a comment on my blog.One of the comments left was regarding Seems like i’m not the only one who got a bad deal from them. I ended my blog entry saying “stay tuned for the outcome”… but i really can’t remember if i posted anywhere on my blog about what happened in the end.

Hence, just for the sake of completeness, i shall write a brief account here. I did get my styleupcover in the end…. and Iceman managed to find the link that shows u the status of your order. The link was somewhere on the bottom right corner of the page if i don’t remember wrongly, in very, very fine print. Although i did get the housing i ordered, the workmanship was TERRIBLE!!!!! The colour of the photo on the back cover was not accurate, and there were burnt marks on the edge of the back cover (most likely due to lousy workmanship in attaching the photo to the cover). I also ordered white for the front cover but was given the navy blue one (again the finishing was rough) instead.

I was quite pissed when i saw the quality (or rather the lack of it) of the product. Wanted to send it back initially but when i calculated the cost of sending it back, i realised it just wasn’t worth spending even a single cent more on this stupid product.

So if u’re thinking of getting a styleupcover too, think again! And don’t bank on Sonyericsson offering any assistance at all. I had to wait like 20min before i could get someone to assist me over the phone, and the only assistance i got was this polite gal telling me that SE doesn’t know anything abt styleupcover ‘cos it’s a 3rd party product, and she thinks i’m the 1st & only person who’s ever ordered the product.


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  1. 1 philongdn

    Hi, I just ordered a cover from yesterday, and I happen to see your blog about it today, since I was trying to find feedback from users on the Net. You say that Iceman was able to find the link to see the order status, but I cannot find it. Could you please help me? Thx…

  2. 2 uptowngal

    So sorry. I really can’t find anywhere to track orders. I remember it was on the bottom right corner of the homepage… but it doesn’t seem to be there anymore?

    Iceman – can u find it?

  3. 3 Iceman

    seems that they have removed that feature from their site.

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