Not shiok yet!

I know i should be sleeping ‘cos i need to wake up in 4 hours to feed Pinky but don’t feel like sleeping leh. Not that i’m not tired… i am! But whenever i get real busy with work, i like to stay up real late otherwise i’ll feel like i’m being shortchanged by my work! Just need that “stay up until shiok” feeling.

So how did everyone spend their V-day? I didn’t have any special plans… actually, V-day just isn’t a big deal to me. Clown asked me repeatedly if i was sure i didn’t want any presents for V-day… i said no. Firstly, there’s nothing in particular i want now (heh, the new Nokia 6280 & SE k610i that i’ve been eyeing are not out yet). Secondly, i find V-day rather meaningless – i don’t understand the background nor the culture nor the tradition behind it. To me, it’s just another excuse for shops & florists to ring in the ca$h.

Thinking back, i don’t think i’ve ever truly celebrated V-day. Let’s see… the cheesy-est date i was ever invited to was to Smooth Operator’s buddy’s gf’s birthday party (her birthday falls on 14 Feb). And by some quirk twist of fate, i don’t remember ever celebrating V-day with any of my ex-bfs either! BM2000 and i were together for 2 six-month periods… but they were both from Jun – Dec… so no V-day there. Hmm… with DT, i remember having to sit for a very very tough economics test after school. Gosh! I don’t think i’ve even received any V-day presents before! Let’s see… the closest i ever got to receiving a gift would probably be when socks went Swatch shopping with his army buddy but didn’t buy anything in the end? Wahahahaha. Ok… i did get a rose from someone in TPJC long time ago but i ripped that rose up while chatting with my classmates in the canteen. Heh.

Sigh… sounds so deprived… but i am tickled. Clown said that his mom was rather surprised that he didn’t get anything for me. Er, i didn’t get anything for him either. We just went for dinner and then came back to my place to watch “The Conqueror’s Story” (u should really catch this show. It’s Chinese history packaged in the most entertaining way)… i was hoping to catch a couple of episodes but unfortunately i konked out 3/4 way through the 1st episode! Heh… utter failure.

At the end of the day, i guess it just doesn’t make sense to “celebrate your love” for someone on a day designated by God knows who (shopping centres?). I’m happy enough that my current relationship has broken the “6-month curse” and that i’ve found someone who whips up yummy dishes (and he actually does it instead of making empty promises to do it), cares for all my bunnies (except poor Patience), and entertains a gf that animates her soft toys.


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