Is hypocrisy a sin?

I was a big time hypocrite today. This morning at the showflat, the Sales Manager of the developer asked me for a hard copy of the factsheet i prepared, as she wanted to show our joint marketing agents (aka our competitors) all the info i prepared & summarised into a single sheet for easy reading.Although reluctant, i told myself that i should take pride in my work and since the factsheet was emblazoned with my company’s logo on the top, i should be proud to show it to the joint marketing agents. They requested for half a dozen copies which i duly obliged (although i was still feeling a little reluctant). The crunch came when the Sales Manager asked me to send the soft copy to the joint marketing agents. In my mind i thought, fine, i can always email them a .pdf format but the Sales Manager’s intention was for me to send them a Word document so that they could remove my company’s logo & use it!

Now that was just too much. All my hard work and i am supposed to freely offer it to my competitors?!? I was thinking of a way to reject them… but thankfully, the joint marketing agents said that they only needed the half dozen hard copies & they didn’t mind my company’s logo being there. They said that it was only right since i did all the work so i should be given some credit for it. Sigh… what nice uncles they are (my competitors consist mainly of 2 old men in their 60s.)

I know it all seems very petty but we are competing for sales after all. It’s bad enough that the uncles were going to use my factsheet to train their newly recruited agents, who obviously would be competing against my sales team. Am i supposed to teach them how to compete against my agents??

Anyway, i don’t have to send them the soft copy so i thought everything was resolved. I didn’t need to voice any objections either so that was good. Peace was maintained…. but i’m not sure if anyone saw the displeasure & unwillingness on my face. I was trying very hard not to let my emotions be displayed on my face… don’t think i succeeded that well.

Then in the afternoon, 1 of the new recruits of the joint marketing agents got an offer for a unit!! The offer was a little low, at 14.4% discount, compared to the offers of 10-13% discount that my side has been putting up so far. At first, 1 of my agents had 2 offers too… but both offers burst! So i was really really sore when i heard about their offer. I was smiling and nodding when everyone was congratulating that new agent but i couldn’t bring myself to congratulate her. That would have been way too hypocritical.

Sigh… was thinking about this hypocrisy issue when i was in the shower just now. Is hypocrisy a sin? I’ve always associated sin with things like murder, adultery, going against God’s will… then where does hypocrisy stand? I guess it must be since we are supposed to treat everyone kindly & genuinely from our hearts. Don’t ask me why but hypocrisy as a sin was just a little difficult for me to grasp.

So i did a google search about it & found this article that makes a lot of sense. It’s extracted from something Josh McDowell wrote and of ‘cos, hypocrisy IS a sin. Sigh… i’ve got a lot of soul searching to do. How does one balance between maintaining a harmonious relationship between competitors & clients, and remaining true to myself? I wouldn’t feel half as bad as i did if i could just say out what i feel (i do feel that my company is always getting the shorter end of the stick ‘cos the my competitor’s boss is a good friend of the developer’s boss).

Anyhow, i think i need to strongly remind myself once again that in whatever i do, or think, or say, i need to run it by God first. Seek the fairest path, and be brave to stick to it.

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