Pinky has really grown up. She eats damn a lot too… too much i think… but i can’t stop my dad from feeding her so much. He keeps topping up her hay & pellets once they’re finished. It’s like 24hr buffet for Pinky. (I just removed the plate of pellets from her bungalow. Heh.)

My dad said that Pinky didn’t want to drink milk tonight… which is a first. Apparently Horlicks licked Pinky & stood still as usual for Pinky to crawl under her to drink milk but Pinky kept running away. Sigh. Maybe it’s Pinky’s way of saying, “i’m not a baby anymore!”.

Soon it’ll be time to shift Pinky outdoors with her mommy. I feel so sad ‘cos that means i won’t be able to pop down in the middle of the night just to take a quick peek or to play with Pinky (too troublesome to have to disable the house alarm & unlock all the doors to go outside to play for 5mins kind of thing). I patted Pinky & told her that she’ll have to shift house soon… downgrade from her good class bungalow to a cage outdoors.

Pinky’s still very adorable… and she still sleeps on her back, on my lap. Her ears are funny though… heh. She sports a “side-parting”…. her right ear flops down by the side of her face, but her left ear is like combed over to the right side. Hard to describe… take a look at the pictures to get a better idea ya?

Sigh… guess Pinky’s my favourite bunny ‘cos i took care of her since birth. I’m like her nanny cum maid cum chauffeur. Horlicks is my next favourite ‘cos Horlicks is very personable & likes to hang around humans. Muah Chee, Coffee & Peanut are cute too… but my dad spends more time with them so they’re closer to my dad. Coffee & Peanut especially… they don’t really let me pat them unless they’re already lying down to rest. I still think MC looks like a big stuffed toy ‘cos he has really chubby cheeks – like a chipmunk! Heh. I think Pinky will grow up to be a real goodlooking rabbit. As it is, her fur coat has a nicer shade of brown than Horlicks… and of she inherits some of MC’s features, she’ll look darn cute!

🙂 P for Pinky! Pretty pretty Pinky!

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February 2006