Do u think it’s possible to two-time a person and not get found out?

I remember some years ago, i was going out with this guy, Mr. Ego. We were introduced by a then colleague of mine who thought we might be compatible. We had some similar interests – salsa, music, singing, so i thought why not just date & see if it’ll lead to anything?

After going out for about 3 weeks, i started to notice a change in his behaviour. After some analysis, i suspected that he was seeing someone else. Of course i confronted him about it and good for him, he was brave enough to admit that this gal that he used to like (but rejected him before) came back & wanted to try again (yeah, after she heard that we were going out).

As we weren’t attached or anything, i told him that sure, i could give him some time to sort out who he wants to be with. Eh…. big mistake. The lesson i learnt was that if a person can have the best of both worlds, he would never make a choice to give up either one.

So i did. Gave him a deadline to choose & when he didn’t, it was sayonara. Not that i wasn’t sad or hurt… but it was a lot easier to move on ‘cos i hadn’t put in that much emotional commitment yet.

Recently, i’ve been following this blog closely – The female protagonist was a 3rd party that came between the relationship of this guy and his gf, who also works with him it seems. I was quite amazed at how the gf did not suspect that this underground affair was going on for slightly over a year!! They even went to Australia for a holiday together and the gf didn’t realise!

But things turned sour after some time & so the female protagonist decided to expose the affair. Of ‘cos all hell broke loose… and if u want to know the details, go check out the blog yourself. Heh.

Then even more recently, i came across another blog with a heroine in a similar situation. This gal was also a 3rd party in a r/ship only that she wasn’t aware of it. How the whole scam got exposed was damn drama man. The heroine posted some comments about stuff she wanted to get for the guy on this website… and the comments were chanced upon by GF no. 1! GF1 managed to trace the heroine’s blog & that’s when everything came to light.

What impressed me the most when i read this heroine’s blog was the way she handled the whole situation. She focused on picking up herself & moving on, and she didn’t bitch or harass GF1 in any way. She only put the blame on the guy… and herself (for being so naive). Which i thought was right and matured of her. (Click on if u want to find out more.)

This is in total contrast to the first fatal attraction mentioned above…. in that case, both the female protagonist & the gf are harassing each other… it’s like bitch fest galore! Why don’t they just dump that jerk of a two-timing bf right?

Sigh… human behaviour never cease to puzzle me.

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