Mr. Right

Some time ago, i had this conversation with a friend about relationships and finding the right guy. I can’t really recall how our conversation led to this but i think my friend wanted to introduce me to a client of hers and i said something about how it’s difficult to find someone to meet my criteria (i was single then).

What i remember deeply about this conversation was what my colleague shared – she said that before she met her current bf, she used to have certain criteria regarding the type of guys she wanted to date. Her bf was a far cry from her previous beaus on a variety of factors and she struggled a little before accepting him as her bf. But she knew she made the right decision eventually ‘cos this was the best guy she had ever met.

At that point in time, i felt that it was almost impossible for me to do the same. I’m a stubborn person (as established in my previous posts!) and i simply could not see how i could accept someone vastly different from my dream guy.

Tonight, that friend of mine got married. Seeing her husband and her together, it was obvious that they are right for each other and the conversation we had came to mind. I think i get what she was saying now… and more.

A dream guy is only as ideal as how he satisfies certain targets we set for ourselves. It is a selfish concept. But the right guy is someone who is good not only for you, but with you.

Congratulations my friend, for finding your Mr. Right!

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  1. 1 LaRvAe?

    Hey, just thought I’d leave ya a little note on your blog. Thanks for checking out mine! Yeah, it was a time in my life that was a little darker than most are used to, but one that I wouldn’t have traded for the world. I was in a Christian Shock Rock band called Rackets and Drapes. I’ve cleaned up now, the hair and make-up are gone, as well as most of the attidude. Anyway, just wanted to say “hi”, and thanks again, for stopping by and checking out my blog! God Bless!!!

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