Been sick for over a week now… started with a slight cough last last Thur… then after going to salsa last last Fri, my throat got worse & developed into a sore throat last last weekend. But i was doing backup singing for church so there was no rest for my voice… and after a site briefing i did last Mon… my throat gave out. Quite suddenly too! Was talking fine most of Mon… got home feeling really tired that nite… took a nap & when i woke up, my voice ran away!!The sore throat then developed into a cough & i’ve been hacking away the whole week. Clown wanted me to see a doc but i absolutely hate drinking cough syrup so i refused. Did another round of backup singing the weekend that just passed… and it was quite a miracle i managed to sing. (Then again, maybe not that miraculous lah… ‘cos i sing using my diaphragm but i don’t know how to talk using my diaphragm? so always end up straining my throat when i give briefings, shout, etc.)

I finally did go to the doctor last nite and i came out of the consultation room beaming ‘cos the doc gave me an MC. 😛 Ok… i guess more rest would do me good (supposed to be some viral infection then turned bacterial?!?) but i’m not exactly like bedridden lah. Was prescribed a course of antibiotics (which reminded me of poor Azure’s allergy reaction) and cough syrup (bleah!). Think i might spend most of today sleeping… (but i still had to make a trip down to the showflat to meet an agent to pass her some cheques & documents.. sigh!). Can’t sleep so well at night ‘cos i tend to cough more when i’m lying down. Last night, i got around that problem by sleeping in a more sitting up sort of position, then slowly slid down when i was half-asleep.

Ooh… Pinky turns 8 weeks old today!!! Saw a bit of soft stools in her cage. not sure if it’s ‘cos she’s been sneakily eating grass when we let her out. Told my dad to make sure she doesn’t take any veggies nor grass. Wet food is NOT good for baby rabbits. Not till they’re 3-4mths old. Pinky’s left ear also finally flopped down today… ah… that’s good… she’s not a mis-marked rabbit.

Ok… i’m kinda sleepy again… maybe it’s the cough syrup. 4x a day. bleah!

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