A long time ago, i wrote about ICQ vs MSN. Now, i think it’s finally a foregone conclusion that ICQ is heading the way of the dinosaurs.A friend of mine recently introduced me to Live Messenger. This is the latest beta version of MSN messenger. It looks pretty much similar to the regular MSN except that you can:
1) Send offline msgs (finally!) to your friends.
2) Go into invisible mode and still msg the friends you want to talk to (just like ICQ’s invisible mode).
3) Share certain files with your friends.

Live Msgr is part of this whole new MSN web concept… you can check out the homepage here. Live.com allows you to totally customise the homepage to include content that you’re interested in. Excellent concept.

So now with all the cute animated emoticons and offline msg feature, what more can i complain about? Yes, i still prefer ICQ’s msg by msg format… but i guess i could make that small sacrifice & use MSN as my main IM. After all, most of my friends are using it already. (Though i still feel deeply for ICQ… sentimental value u know… it has served me faithfully for many years!)

Once again, an iconic program of my youth is becoming obsolete… sigh. Makes me feel old…


Fantastic! The same person who intro’d me to Live Msgr just pointed out the last redeeming factor of ICQ – it’s a lot easier to send a msg to several users at one go. Cool! Heh. 😛

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  1. 1 jonz

    Thanks for the tip about the MSN beta! I got an offine comment from someone a few weeks ago. I was wandering how that happened…

  2. 2 UptownGal

    No problem! Thanks for the visit.

  3. 3 UptownGal

    Actually the earlier version of MSN (i think it’s v7.5) also allows offline messages – but only if u have an active chat window already open, and then say 1 party goes offline, the other party can still send some messages, which will be displayed when the offline party comes back on.

    However, if there’s no active chat window open, then there’s no option to send a purely offline message… if u get what i mean…

  4. 4 jonz

    Blimey. A gal that know’s her stuff! No offence to your female breathen but that’s quite rare!

    I must be destined to comment here. I’ve been randomly directed to your site twice now through the Next blog function…

  5. 5 UptownGal

    “Female brethen”… that’s quite an oxymoron isn’t it? 😛

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