Cosmetic Surgery

Was feeling kind of bored so i decided to totally redo my blog! Got this template from Blogger Templates and customised it a bit. There are a couple of really impressive designs there (i downloaded the Jacksonville, Taipei, Singapore’s skyline, and the Esplanade too!)… with simple instructions on how to adopt the template for your blog.

Go check it out if you’re interested in customizing your blog too ya?

Decided to change the song again (yeah, i know, the last one wasn’t on for very long) to get into the HK mood. Don’t ask me why but somehow my intuition attaches this “HK feel” to this song. It’s by Hacken Lee, aka Li Ke Qin and the song is called 再一次想你 (translated Thinking of You Once Again). It was the themesong for this TVB serial, Street Fighters (庙街妈兄弟). Interesting show. I thought Hacken Lee was just so macho in the show. Haha.

Anyway, the bunnies scored another goal yesterday… but i’ve run out of creative photo ideas so.. heh… till i think of some more… no more bunny sequels. 😛


Ok… some have asked why i used the pic of HK’s skyline when i’m not a Hongkonger, nor am i residing in HK… well, i just wanted a blue/purple/pink theme and this matched the requirement can?

Besides, i love HK! I love the language, the food, the shopping, the culture… hey, i even tried applying for jobs there ok!

It was a tough decision between this HK skyline theme & the esplanade one lah. I think the esplanade one gels together better… looks better on the whole… but somehow i just felt that this HK one was the best for now… and so it’s up.

Plus, no matter how patriotic i am, it’s too tedious… way way way too tedious to change the template again tonight! No way!!

So there. Live with it.

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