Birthday Festival 2006

Wow… it’s been 1 year since this blog was born. Once again, it’s UptownGal’s birthday festival week. Last year was a sad case… was forced to work on my birthday. So to make up for it, i took 3 days off this year! 😛

The celebrations started last Thursday and the main highlight of UTG Birthday Festival 2006 was the trip to Sentosa. Not much to talk about… who doesn’t know Sentosa right? So let’s just let the photos do the talking. If you look close enough, u’ll find me somewhere in one of the photos…hehe…

The open concept toilet at Rasa Sentosa. (There’re louvered doors to close it up.)

The view from my hotel room balcony.

Siloso Beach

Mr. Turtle when he’s not shooting “Finding Nemo”. (He said he got tired of looking for that kid.)

Nemo.. still hiding…

The Giant Japanese Spider Crab that inspired my dinner.

Some sharks give birth to eggs! Click here to read more!

A really big eagle ray! (Found its name at the underwater world website!)

Jaws, after retirement… (white-tip reef shark)

My dinner – the claw of a *get this* 2.4KG crab!! BTW, the address of the stall is Blk 232 AMK Ave 3 – Mellben Seafood or something like that…


Oops… sorry, forgot to upload this video i took of the jellyfish at Underwater World, as well as this video of the pink dolphin… all photos & videos taken using my nifty Nokia 6280. Muahahah…

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  1. 1 dot

    I still cannot play the video – and how did you get started on the slew of National Day songs?

  2. 2 UptownGal

    Er… maybe u need to update your Macromedia Flash Player to play the video?? I’m on Macromedia Flash Player 8…

    Heh… the “Home” song came about because of the email about what the stupid Li Ao said… made me feel so indignantly patriotic!

    Simi bad genes! I shld write a story about how my grandfather came to SG next time…

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