I think Pinky is an absolutely intelligent little bunny. Last night, when i let him out of his cage for our nightly bonding session, i told him that he was going for his snip snip operation on Tue. He seemed nochalant about it but apparently, my dad saw him trying to mount Horlicks repeatedly this morning!! It got so bad that my dad locked Horlicks up for most of the day, and he only let Horlicks out in late afternoon, after locking Pinky back into his cage.

Full of character, Pinky showed my dad his displeasure after my dad first locked Horlicks up. When my dad tried to feed him his lunch of carrots, Pinky refused to eat it. My dad then took a strip of carrot and tried to coax Pinky into eating it… but Pinky used his mouth to push the offending strip away. I then came down into the garden & tried to coax Pinky to eat the carrot too. After repeated attempts, he ate half a strip, and then spat the other half on the floor – as if to say, “There! I’ve given u face already. Now stop bugging me!”

During our bonding session just now, i told Pinky that he’s been accorded the Very Important Bunny status, being the only bunny born in my house, and the youngest bunny to go for the snip snip. Pinky didn’t really eat much of his dinner of pellets & leftover carrots (from lunch), choosing instead to munch on the grass in the backyard. Sigh. Such a tough cookie rabbit. I told him that after the op tomorrow, he’ll have to stay indoors for 1 day… but i’ll give him the privilege to run about the toilet where his cage will be in, or my living & dining room – a privilege not extended to MC & Coffee when they had their op.

But Pinky wasn’t very impressed. He gave me a sian-jit-puah look and lay down to be patted. So i patted & cuddled him. My favourite little bunny. Please pray that Pinky will not come to any harm during the sterilization op ok? It’s not a very dangerous procedure… but as in all surgery, there’ll always be a certain amt of risk. I really sayang my dearest little Pinky!

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June 2006