“Let me out!!”

dear adoring fans of Pinky,

humans are such horrible liars. one moment they tell you that they love you, the next moment, they have you sterilized…

i was tricked into going into the blue carrier with the lure of a great adventure. but i was brought to the vet instead!! once again, i saw the allergic vet. he didn’t seem to recognize me.

while the vet’s assistant and that hypocritical uptowngal was taking my weight, i tried to make a run for it. i dashed out of uptowngal’s grip & nearly got away… but the vet’s assistant was fast. she managed to pin me down on the floor… and the rest is history. sob.

thankfully, the operation wasn’t all too painful. that hypocrite told me that i’m the bravest bunny of all – my daddy cried after his op, and while he didn’t cry, uncle coffee wasn’t too mobile either. but i’ve been hopping around almost like normal – almost. i still don’t dare hop onto the chairs / table. no appetite to eat anything though. the hypocrite tried to coax me into eating carrots, pellets, and biscuits. but i just have no appetite. i know she’s worried. she read something on the Internet that said if a bunny stops eating for more than 24 hrs, the digestive tract will shut down and the bunny will DIE!! sigh… hey, i can’t force myself to eat right? hopefully i’ll feel hungry later….

sigh… i recall my daddy’s wise words when i was a baby… he told me never to let anyone know i’m a male bunny. i asked him why… and he said, “someday u’ll know”. now i do. 🙁


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June 2006