Starving to Death

Pinky – refusing to eat 

Pinky’s not eating nor drinking. Had to coax/force him to take in some food yesterday and he ate – approx. 10 celery leaves, 6 strands of hay, and 2 shreds of carrot the whole of yesterday. That’s very very little. A celery leaf is like 2cm x 1cm in size… and a shred of carrot… think the small pieces u find in your popiah.

I called the vet for advice just now. The vet asked whether Pinky pooped or peed. Well, he peed once the whole of yesterday… and he dropped 1 small pellet this morning. How to shit & pee if u’re not eating nor drinking? But this is a very bad sign because a rabbit needs to eat constantly to keep his digestive tract working. Once it shuts down, that’s the end for the rabbit.

So things are looking very bleak right now. I picked up this powder mix from the vet. (Didn’t take Pinky down in case the car ride freaks him out more.) Supposed to mix it with water to form a paste & force-feed with a syringe. Managed to get 1ml of the mixture into Pinky before he nearly jumped out of my arms. The recommended dosage from the vet is “0.3ml a few times a day”. Great. I’m only getting him to take 1/3 of his dietary needs.

Told my dad that i’m left with no choice but to FORCE-feed Pinky every hour. Even if he drinks only 1ml of the mixture, that’s better than nothing.

Please pray for/that:
1) Pinky’s appetite to return to normal
2) Pinky doesn’t die.
3) Speedy recovery of the wound.

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June 2006