I just entered my bathroom to shower when i saw this HUGE cockroach on my mirror!!


I screamed, ran out of the toilet, grabbed the insecticide, and opened the toilet door stealthily and took a peep at the cursed roach. It was perched on my mirror, above my toothbrush. As quietly as i could, i took my toothbrush out of the toilet. Then i took a breath to calm myself down, and opened the toilet door again.


I aimed the nozzle of the insecticide at the roach & sprayed at it! WAH LAU EH! Guess what happened? IT FLEW!! So i had a huge roach, with hairy legs, and wings that work!! @%&*)#

I slammed my toilet door again and sought solace from my fren on ICQ. Mustering up more courage, i opened the door a slit to peek into the loo again. Scanned the toilet but i couldn’t see the damned roach. Then i saw it! It was on my window!! I quickly sprayed more insecticide on it and the wretched thing flew out of the window. Phew!! Talk about diehard…

Anyway, i closed my windows as fast as i could… slammed them shut in case the roach was lingering somewhere on the sill… at least that would ensure that it’s squashed. (“Crush it like a cockroach!”)

Now my toilet stinks of insecticide. Darn! How to bathe like that? Jialat… argh… i hate cockroaches!!!

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June 2006