Entrusting Pinky to God

Just went downstairs to check on Pinky. He didn’t touch the food in his cage from the time we said goodnight at 10:25pm. My dad said that he should have recovered his appetite because he started munching grass at 6:30pm. He also took a few bites of his pellets. (I didn’t witness that for myself because i went to the hospital with Cirrus, who fractured his finger while playing soccer last night.)

Anyway, i thought – 6:30pm was a long time ago and i was worried that Pinky still wasn’t enough right. Thus, I prepared more of the powder mixture i got from the vet & wanted to force-feed Pinky with it. I saw that Pinky’s litter tray had this big damp patch and there was some shit in it… but i couldn’t tell whether the shit was like er, fresh from tonight, or if it was in the litter tray already. The wet patch was definitely fresh… but then again, i wasn’t sure if it was Pinky’s work or did Horlicks use his toilet earlier on the night.

So i decided to go ahead and force-feed Pinky. Ooh… i barely squirted a drop into his mouth when the little chap struggled free & i was forced to put him down on the floor. He ran to his mommy straightaway for comfort. Bet he told her in rabbit language that his nanny bullied him ‘cos his mom started biting the grilles of her cage, demanding to be let out. I managed to chase Pinky back into his cage and almost immediately, he peed onto the floor of the cage. I think he was trying to put his point across – “back off. I’m drinking alright!”

I apologized profusely to Pinky… i felt sorry that i kept pushing him to eat and drink more. But i can’t help but worry about my favourite little bunny!! I always tell Pinky that we all tried so hard to preserve his life when he was a baby so he mustn’t throw it away by starving himself!

Pinky sneezed a few times just now. I believe his cold is back. Maybe he didn’t really fully recover from the last bout of cold. Well, nothing much i can do now. Still praying for Pinky. Thanks to everyone else who did.

Thank You Lord, for Pinky.

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June 2006