Bored and Hungry

I am really really bored. Hungry too! But there’s no one to take a teabreak with me now. I’m just sitting at my desk, staring at this factsheet that i’m supposed to update, and popping this Florida’s Natural “Au’some” Fruit Juice Nuggets snack. (Will post photos of the really really cool packaging when i’m home.)

Heh… i really shouldn’t be blogging during office hrs… but it’s 20min to knockoff time! Plus, i have a viewing at 7:30pm… so my OT will cover this little time of nua-ing right? Hehe.

Sigh… working at Raffles Place isn’t good for saving money. I went to return a key to a tenant who works in a nearby office building just now… and on the way back to my office, i bought 2 bangles for $15! It was a one for one deal… so i couldn’t like just buy 1. They only sell them in pairs. So duh.

Yesterday, when i brought the shoes i bought last Fri back to the shop for them to adjust the straps, i ended up buying another pair! Luckily, the 2nd pair i bought was on a 40% discount. Not only that… guess what? I saw this really cool striking midnight blue dress from GG<5 just now! Will be going down to check it down later! Hehe. Ooh... there was something i wanted to blog about when i was on my way to the tenant's office just now. As i walked past The Arcade, 3 middle-aged uncles walked out of the bldg and 1 of them stared at my chest. Wah lau eh. So disgusting. I glared at the asshole but he didn't notice 'cos his gaze was transfixed somewhere else! What an idiot! I'm not even wearing a low-cut top today! As i walked between his friend and him, i said in a very crisp tone, "Excuse Me." And that jerk answered, "Yes, you are." Like what the heck was his problem? I was REALLY pissed off and i threw him a sideway glance and muttered, "Prick!". Angry man. I know guys with less developed brain functions will say, "if gals don't want guys to admire them, then dress so nicely for what?" But hello! Admiration is like when u look at a beautiful painting and u appreciate it. Staring open at someone's mammaries is like like poring over a porn magazine and drooling lor! Very different matters ok! Ok. 10min to knockoff time (GG<5 wait for me! I'm coming!). I shall go wash my cup now.

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