All Hell Broke Loose (Nearly)

Wah lau eh!! Was damn freaking pissed just now lor. Can u imagine? I purposely bought this bloody domain, took up a paid webhosting service with yahoo, and my blog went screwy just now?? Good thing was, all my posts were still saved inside my account, just that on the viewable site, all that was displayed were the 2 latest posts, and the ‘Meta’ section of my right sidebar. Everything else was GONE! So angry!! Like WTF man! I give you good money and the product i bought goes haywire before 1 week is up??

I remembered that i activated this “backup plugin” for WordPress (WP), and did a backup last week… but when i went to search on means to restore the backup i did, i couldn’t find any!! And the stupid website of that plugin didn’t have any instructions either! DUH!!!!

So i started doing a search inside the WP forums and it was stated somewhere inside that all reliable webhosting service would have their own backup database features. Hence i went into my Yahoo a/c to look for it. But, ‘cos i didn’t use the Yahoo backup feature to do a backup, i had nothing to restore my blog with! ARGH!!!! Wah lau eh… was damn super freaking pissed by then.

FORTUNATELY, there was an option to “repair database” and i figured that since my posts were still lurking inside my a/c, i probably just needed to “force” a republish of all the previous posts… so i chose the repair database option and TADA! It worked. Phew!

Whatever the case, that was scary wasn’t it? While i was panicking, i also spammed my friend’s cbox with my desperate cries of help. (Sorry Flask!) Oh well, me blog is back & running now! Phew! *Hugs monitor & cries*

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June 2006