The Secret to Matching

Was supposed to post these photos last night. But i was very tired last night. As in really really tired… as in the tired till u can’t believe how tired i am kind of tired…u get my point…

blue dress.jpg

Striking midnight blue shoes i bought from this shop at The Arcade 2 days ago, the new dress i bought from GG<5 yesterday, a new blue crystal bracelet from Chomel i bought last night & an old shawl that matches everything! The white shoes are for my white dress from Warehouse. :)


I nicknamed this “Pinky Tee” because the t-shirt’s pink and the design has bunnies all over! Soooo cute! Thinking of buying an identical one ‘cos i love it so much. Would be very sad if this one gets ruined for whatever reason!


The fruit-sweets i mentioned in ‘Bored & Hungry’

(Sorry about the super small thumbnail… that’s just the way it is in WordPress… blogspot sure does better thumbnails! 🙁 )

Actually, Cirrus was right – i’ve recently developed a tendency to buy a pair of shoes first, then find clothes to match. But i’ve realised that this is the best way to put together a super co-ordinated outfit. ‘Cos it’s more difficult to find shoes than clothes… hence it’s easier to buy clothes to match your shoes, than vice versa. Heh. I’m usually a very lazy dresser. I buy clothes in blue / black / white so it’s always very easy to mix & match. But that also resulted in my wardrobe being very plain. But since i’ve started buying shoes first, then clothes to match, suddenly, i find myself dressing better! Muahahaha!

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