Pat on my Back

I am so proud of myself! Muhahaha! So what if i couldn’t get any of the photoalbum plugins to work? So what if i still have yet to figure out css & php? I still managed to get a photo slideshow up and running! Muhahaha. This shows that the important thing is to… “use your blain, use your blain!” When there is a will, there is a way!

Okok… that was very egoistic. To be honest, when i said previously that i’m a biz grad with limited IT knowledge… heh, i “accidentally” failed to mention that i actually got an A grade for computing during my GCE ‘A’ Level exams. Not only did i ace my course… i also worked part-time for the technical helpdesk of an ISP before. Haha.

BUT!! I also have to confess that my Computing project was really a recycling of a brillant senior’s codes, and an excellent re-packaging of the documentation. (His original project was more cheem than mine but i bullshit better.) I don’t deserve any IT brownie points at all.

Also, when i was working at the tech support helpdesk, the true IT whiz was Zounds. He was the guru whom we all consulted when we had problems. Poor chap… i remember calling him for desperate SOS on his rest days even. Haha. But i wasn’t a lousy helpdesk agent either ‘cos i did what i do best – i solve problems – no matter how unorthodox my solutions may be. So there you have it. Sigh… my “extensive IT limitations”.

Anyway, it’s darn early in the morning now… and i need to work later. Will work on the video link another day. Till then!

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