Since the opening match in April 2006, and the first goal scored by the Peaceable Bunnies, our favourite superbunnies have gone on to score another 6 goals!! This brings the score to a heartening 7-0!

It wasn’t an easy journey for the peaceable superbunnies. The score could’ve been 10-0 already but 2 goals were disallowed & a foul was called on the 3rd. But it’s ok. The bunnies have been going strong and the target of 10-0 looks well within grasp.

Soccer punters have wondered how the superbunnies managed to pull off this feat. After all, their opponents are all 1st division players and the bunnies were considered rookies compared to them. The referee put it down to pure luck. But i beg to differ. Not on a margin as wide as 7-0. I say the bunnies deserve credit for the hard work they’ve put in. If they didn’t train hard enough, even if the ball rolled right to their feet and their opponent’s defenders tripped over themselves while trying to fend off any attack, they still wouldn’t have the skill & precision to put the ball in the net.

As this match has been running for over 2 months, it was also crucial that the bunnies maintained their stamina & morale. Internal fighting is a big no-no. Jealousy & any one-man show must be curbed. Everyone must work as a team in order for them to move forward.

I’m also proud to say that the superbunnies were gentlemanly in their play. Sometimes, their opponents tackled them unfairly but guess what? Gentlemanly play & good sportsmanship will always reign victorious at the end of the day.

I’m very proud to be part of the superbunnies team. Well done guys!

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