I just made another wasted trip to the docs. I’ve been sneezing since Sunday, and the cold developed into a cold + fever + body aches (backache, headache & left arm ache to be precise) last night. So i decided to take MC today… but when i went to the docs, the bloody nurse said that the registration was closed!

I looked at my watch. 4:22pm. I asked her what time the clinic closes and she sheepishly said 5pm. I was like why the fark is registration closed 38min before closing time, and there’s only 2 patients waiting outside?? The nurse said that the doc has a “long case” to attend to so they need to close registration early. What kind of bloody bullshit is that?? I asked the nurse, “Can’t u squeeze just 1 more patient in?” She didn’t dare look at me in the eye. Dropping her gaze downwards, she said “no”.

I was really mad… but didn’t have the energy to raise my voice at the farking bitch. Scratching my head how to get evidence of this slacker attitude – … and i found a way. I took a photo of the clock on the wall. (The other patients all stared when i took the photo. Haha.)

Tonight, when i go back at 8pm, i’m going to tell the doc… hey, surely u recognize the clock in your reception area right? Now… here’s proof that your nurses are all slacker bitches.

Argh! The last time i complained, all the nurses became very kuai. All toed the line and registration for seeing the doc would be open all the way till even 15min before closing time. Looks like old habits are hard to break huh? U can’t teach old bitches new tricks… so they’re reverting back to their lazy ways again. Hmph!

Grr… don’t piss me off.. not even when i’m sick… i’ll still find a way to get u!!

Back to my bed… really exhausted. And angry!

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June 2006