Scar-face Pinky

Pinky had a very bad week this past week. A couple of days ago, he felt so insulted ‘cos an ignorant colleague of mine pointed to his photo and went, “Is that a chinchilla?”. Of ‘cos when Pinky got to know about it, he was really pissed. “Simi chinchilla? Your colleague’s eyes so lousy, better scratch them out!” Pinky said to me.

Then last night, my dad locked the other bunnies up and he let Horlicks & Pinky run along the side of my house. His purpose was to let Horlicks & Pinky continue to socialise with the others so they won’t be alienated. But when i went down to check on them, Pinky had a bloodied nose!!

I asked Pinky what happened but he didn’t want to talk about it. So i wet a piece of tissue with water & wiped the blood off his nose. He had a cut on his nose… probably got scratched by one of the others when he put his nose into their cage to kaypoh. Sigh. Guess Pinky had to learn the hard way that not everyone gives in to him like his mommy.

But Pinky’s fine. When i saw him this morning, he cleaned the wound very well. Couldn’t see any traces of blood on his nose though i could still see the cut. He’s also pretty brave… didn’t cower or anything even after he got injured. In fact, he barely flinched when i was cleaning his wound. Sigh… that arrogant bunny. Heh. Took some photos of Pinky but they didn’t turn out so nice… colours looked a little dull ‘cos taken at night. Shall post photos when i get some better shots of the little fella. 🙂

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  1. 1 gracio

    Hey, Im thinking of getting another bunny, same breed as my current one, would they fight or would the older one be jealous of the “just bought” bunny? I heard that 90% of the time they would be fighting since I introduce them to each other so late. Any suggestions?

  2. 2 uptowngal

    High chance of them fighting, especially if your existing bunny is grown-up and/or male. Then again, really depends on the bunny’s personality…. it’s like i still don’t get why some of my bunnys click, and some don’t. *Shrugs*.

    Perhaps u can take your existing bunny with u to the store to look for a companion? ‘Cos i’ve read online that when u introduce new bunny friends to each other, it’s best to be on neutral ground so the existing bunny won’t feel that his territory is being infringed by the new guy.

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