Searching for Chinese, in English

I’m glad i stayed up for tonight’s episode of 100% Entertainment ‘cos the guest stars are F.I.R.!! I think they’re a fantastic band but it’s really difficult to find sites about them in English. 🙁 Try googling “FIR, F.I.R or F.I.R.” and all you get are hits about trees! *Rolls eyes*.

I remember watching F.I.R. perform live in Singapore before… and they were really impressive. Faye’s singing is fantastic – in real life, and not just on records. (U know how some singers sound good on CDs but they suck when they sing in real life? Think Stefanie Sun…).

The only gripe i have about the show is that the microphones / sound system is really not meant for singing. All the singers that have appeared on 100% Entertainment sound extra whiny & really sharp. U can almost hear a faint feedback when they sing. The producers of the show really should do something about it. I feel so bad when i see good singers like Fan Fan or F.I.R. perform on the show and the mics totally spoil their singing. Sigh…

Anyway, long live Wikipedia!! ‘Cos that’s probably the most informative site in English i can find on F.I.R. Hahaha… click here for the link. Check out their latest album… the sounds / style of music is very different from their previous album. More pop actually. I don’t know if that’s good or bad ‘cos their style used to be very unique… but i suppose reinvention is the key to staying relevant in the entertainment industry.

Just googled a couple of other singers that i like – Cai Lizhang, Cai Chunjia, etc, and guess what i found?? Cai Chunjia actually has a website! I really hope she makes it big one day… i mean her music career’s revived now… but it’s not exactly soaring.

Read on some forums that some people thought that Cai Chunjia was trying to copy Stefanie Sun. Hello! Get your facts right man! Chunjia was performing way before anyone even heard of Stefanie Sun ok? And Chunjia sings very well in real life. In fact, i always feel that she sounds better live than on CDs! Yes. She’s THAT good.

However, i concede that Stefanie Sun has better songs… and Warner Music, of ‘cos, did a much better job of promoting her, compared to what Ocean Butterflies did for Chunjia when the latter launched her first album. Ah… the perils of the entertainment world… u’re always at the mercy of your record company.

Shucks… just met an old friend on ICQ & forgot what i wanted to say. Haha. I forgot my point!! Bleah!

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