Smooth Operator

Just saw a really really old friend pop up on ICQ. Actually i didn’t see him pop up. He was in invisble mode but he messaged me…

Turns out he’s been posted to France for 6 months… and has been there since June. (To all the soccer fans – yes. He caught the World Cup in France.)

Our conversation centred on the usual “how’s the weather” type of topics – my work, his work, etc. Then he asked me whether i was still going to church. I said, “yes”. We then started talking about serving in ministries when i asked whether it was difficult to serve given that he gets posted outstation for like 6-month periods. His reply was, “ministry is anywhere and everywhere we go.”

Touche! No need to sanction me, my friend. Sensitive as i may sound… but that’s how our bi-yearly conversations always turn out. We talk about really generic stuff, then i get some one liner sermon-snub. It makes me wonder sometimes why the heck does he even bother to say hi when he sees me online? If u still hold a grudge against me, then why try to keep in touch? To know that i’m alive so u can send me hate mail if u should depart for heaven first? (Sorry, my mind’s still on the episode of Grey’s Anatomy i just watched. Haha.)

Don’t get my wrong ya? I’m not offended or anything. Just reminded of what happened a long time ago… and reviewing the facts to see whether i made a mistake or not. I think not. Haha. Guess it all boils down to an old Chinese proverb… people must know how to 拿得起放得下. (How does one translate this… hmm… literally it would be “can pick up, can put down”. Heck. Just interpret it whatever way u will. I’m going to bed.)

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