End of a Dynasty?

Whenever i watch those old B-grade HK movies on TV that feature nightclub hostesses, they always wear those pompous gowns for work.  But given that a lot of these movies were filmed in the early ’90s, i’ve always wondered if those hostesses (aka bargirls) still wore those type of gowns.

Answer is – they do!!  Wahahahaha.  Last night, a group of friends & i went to Dynasty Nightclub (not sure if that’s the “official” name) for KTV.  Yeah… gals can go in too.. haha.  The sound system’s really good… and they have these fantastic screens in the rooms – 3 screens in fact!  2 screens would show the MTV of the songs with lyrics so you can sing along, and the middle screen would show the menu for song selection.  The wireless microphones were really good too.  Good pickup, clear, minimal feedback – i would say the sound system was the best in any KTV place i’ve been to.  The room was also tastefully decorated (not cheap nor sleazy looking in terms of decor!), and the ventilation was really good.  There was hardly any smell of leftover smoke in the room.  Only drawback was that the air-conditioning was freezing cold!

Halfway through our KTV session, the guys wanted to watch soccer so we got someone to help switch 1 of the TV screens to show the match (England vs. Marcedonia), while the other screen continued to play MTVs for the rest of us to sing.  Impressive hor??

But i digress.  Back to the bargirls.  Hehe.  Almost all the girls i saw were wearing long gowns that were kind of old-fashioned.  Hehe.  I was thinking, perhaps they need to be in these really formal gowns to create some sort of fantasy world for sleazy businessmen who frequent these sort of seedy establishments for their “services”?  But for goodness’ sake… update your fashion sense lah!  Aiyoh!

Well, i didn’t see much sleazy action taking place though.  There was a room opp. the aisle where the sleazy patrons & the girls were dancing some sort of disco dance… but other than that, business seemed pretty poor.  Hostesses who weren’t entertaining guests spent their time chatting & playing pool (i must say that seeing people wearing retro “prom dresses” and playing pool was really strange) in the “common area” just outside the toilets. 

From what i saw, all the bargirls were from China?  They looked like they were in their mid to late 20s.  Some were not bad looking, others, not so good… there was even 1 who was quite overweight… not exactly what you would imagine a stero-typical hostess to be.  Haha.  But yeah business must’ve been really really bad.  When i went to the restroom about 12:40am, i saw 2 bargirls change out of their gowns to go home.  Guess that’s why Dynasty allows the general public to book their rooms for KTV sessions for super cheap rates – $5/room/hr during offpeak (i.e. during the afternoons), and $10/room/hr during peak hours (i.e. at night).  Each of us had to buy a compulsory drink at the door for $5… but that’s hardly anything considering what one would pay to go to a normal non-sleazy KTV!!

So there you have it.  I’ve finally gotten my wish to visit one of these sleazy nightclubs, only to find that it’s not that sleazy.  Maybe it’s Dynasty, or maybe it’s just Singapore… haha.  Whatever the case, if biz doesn’t pick up, i wouldn’t be surprised if it’ll soon be the end of Dynasty.

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