Taken for a Ride

I am damn fuming mad now.  Took a cab home from Orchard Towers just now and the bloody taxi driver took me for a ride!  Instead of going the most straightforward route, which is Scotts Rd – Stevens Rd – Whitley Rd – PIE (Changi Airport), the bloody driver went by Scotts Rd – Cairnhill Rd – Clemenceau Ave North – ROUND Newton Circus – Bukit Timah – CTE (SLE), then PIE (Changi Airport).

I confronted the asshole… and he pretended not to get what i was saying.  He went, “Whitley?  Whitley?”.  I got soooo mad.  I told him, wouldn’t it be faster to go by “Scotts Rd, Stevens Rd, then Whitley Rd?”.  After i spelt out the entire route, he kept quiet… could see the guilt.  Damn idiot man.  Did he think i was drunk just ‘cos i boarded the cab outside a stretch of pubs?  Or did he think it was easy to con an assumed non-driver?  (Which is a very stupid assumption ‘cos just because u can’t drive, doesn’t mean u don’t know the way).  Or did he think that i was high on alcohol and probably wouldn’t know better?

Whatever the case, i am MAD!  Just wrote a complaint email to Citycab demanding an explanation.  BTW, the taxi driver’s name is Onn Bin Hamid (Car No. SHB2241G).  If u ever board his cab (it’s a Citycab), be careful!!  Grrr….

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November 2006