All I Want for Christmas

Christmas is coming!  Woohoo!  I didn’t always like the holiday season… sad memories tend to feel sadder during festive seasons.  But not this year!  I’m looking forward to Christmas!  In fact, i have stuff (ok, may not all are Christmas stuff but..) planned almost all the way till the end of the year.  (Wait… now i sound like i’m talking about my birthday festival again… wahaha). 

Started with dinner + drinks with my colleagues and a business associate from HK last night, belated birthday celerbation for my cousin tonight, another work-related drinks cum Christmas party tomorrow night, then Malacca this weekend with the cellgroup, meeting up with Preppy (haven’t seen him since i left Hall 11!) next week, an old friend’s wedding on 15th Dec, company D&D on 21 Dec, another friend’s wedding on 22 Dec, tea with Fuzzypillow  & Littlewee on Christmas eve, family Christmas lunch on Christmas day itself (it’s going to be our first lunch that’s not held at the old house at Katong), then a 2nd lunch with the cellgroup?  Heh.  And that’s only what i have planned for so far.  Hiak hiak.  More to come!!

Heard this song, “All I Want for Christmas”, when i was at Bugis just now.  Love the version that was sung by Olivia Olsen in Love Actually.  Love that movie man!  For a very long time, my favourite movie was My Best Friend’s Wedding.  Then i decided that it isn’t really a very good movie to dwell upon… ‘cos… it’s just too full of regrets.  No good.  Life isn’t meant to be lived in reverse gear.  Caught the movie Love Actually in 2003/2004 and fell in love with it since.  It’s good.  It’s about cherishing life.  Love it.  Yippee!



Love the part when Olivia Olsen points at the boy at the end… then goes on to point at the others and sings, “you, you, you…”.  Haha… the boy’s expression was priceless.  Sigh… just watching this video makes me feel teary.  Gosh!  I can be such a wimp!  (But never in public… never!).  Haha.  🙂

Happy 17 days to Christmas everyone!

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    I prefer the original version by Mariah Carey leh… 😛

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