Boredom Kills…

I’m darn bored in office now. Realised it’s more stressful trying to look busy, than to be busy. And stress kills. Therefore, boredom kills. 😛

Not to fear though… i made a new “discovery” today that is probably saving my life as we speak… heh… putting paper through the shredder is extremely therapeutic when u’re really bored! Great stress reliever! Hmm… while i’m at it, let’s debunk some myths i’ve come across recently.

1. U don’t get diabetes mellitus (DM) from consuming too much sugar. Without delving into the details, DM is basically a metabolic disorder… and having a family hx of DM increases your risk. But no… don’t blame the sugar. (So stop bugging me about my “kopi kar kar dai” aka “coffee extra extra sweet”).

2. Two kind but misinformed friends have sent me this email about how if u key in your ATM PIN in reverse order, the police will be alerted – u’re supposed to do this in the situation that u’re being threatened by baddies to draw $$ from your bank account. Hello? How on earth could this be possible? What if my ATM PIN was 111111? Then the police lagi busy right?

3. Just ‘cos i hang a jade bunny dangly thingy (sorry, i just liked the way it rhymes) on my hp doesn’t mean i’m born in the year of the bunny! Haha… i just gravitate towards all things bunny-like… nearly got sucked into buying a purple bunny plush toy when i went to the ATM just now! Hahahaha….


Wah lau… mai i bring nokia charger to office then kena borrowed & circulated. Now kena kidnapped some more. *$&^*$

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