Foot in Mouth

Said the wrong thing (again) last night. Sigh. Was chatting with some colleagues (WC & Banker) yesterday evening before we went for the Christmas party and we were joking that WC’s dept wasn’t invited because my boss, who’s a really really big drinker, was invited hence the hosts couldn’t afford any more alcohol. The conversation then went on to about who in our company were heavy drinkers and i pointed out that this whole bunch of guys from another dept on another floor were equally heavy drinkers. And i added, “Not only do they drink a lot. They also smoke a lot.”

WC suddenly kept quiet. During the momentary silence, i thought she wanted to say something… but didn’t. I just let it pass & we continued chatting. Our small talk soon ended and i was packing up my stuff to leave when i got an sms from my friend (who works in the same co. as me). The sms said, “Just bumped into WC & Deep Voice downstairs. They’re having a smoke break…”

I was like damn! No wonder WC kept quiet just now. Sigh… wanted to slam my head against my table. Don’t ask me why but i just assumed that WC didn’t smoke! Sigh. Guess i really shouldn’t make assumptions about people huh? Sigh. Told my friend about the incident and she agreed that u really cannot tell who’s a smoker and who’s not… i mean… DV sometimes brings lunch from home and it’s packed in a cartoon tupperware?! I mean… cartoon tupperware lunch packer & smoker just don’t gel ya?

Whatever the case, my foot was in my mouth.

As if last night’s embarrassment wasn’t enough. Sigh. I over-snoozed this morning (whoever invented the snooze function is EVIL). Got out of bed at 0740 instead of 0720 as planned. Rushed to wash my hair + shower, brush teeth, put on makeup, get dressed, pack extra clothes in case i was going clubbing tonight, and got out of my house by 0810. I’m always amazed by the speed at which i can get ready… but such efficiency means the “quality” of the process is sometimes compromised… for e.g. i don’t switch on my bedroom light in the morning… so i basically get ready in semi-darkness, using only the light at my dressing table while i dress. Heck! I don’t even look in the mirror before i leave the house.

This morning, i didn’t realise anything was amiss till i got on the train… looked at my blouse… and realised i wore it inside-out! ARGH! As i was already running late for work, i couldn’t get off at the next station to correct that… so i used my hair (thank goodness it’s damn long now!) to cover the label at the back of my dress, and my bag to cover the washing instructions tag at the side… and tried to pretend that nothing was wrong. I hope no one noticed. Sigh.

Dashed to my office toilet the minute i got off the train. The speed i moved… i betcha i beat Superman’s record at getting to the phone booth. No fight man. Sigh.

A couple of days ago, someone said my blog was interesting (?) and asked for “tips”. Not sure if he’s still reading the blog but.. no tips… just… make sure u get your daily dose of embarrassing incidents. Yeah. That’s the trick to it. Everyone loves to laugh… at someone else.

Okie!  Time to go pack!  Road trip tomorrow (sort of lah… discount a bit).

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