The Reason Why i was Angsty

Ok… i was really angsty / testy / grouchy / PMSy today.  I think i shifted most of the blame to Flayer… i was short-tempered and got pissed when he asked a little more questions than i felt he should… but it really wasn’t about him though i made him the scapegoat when i was pouring my grievances to Bubbs & Buddy.

The real reason i was angsty was ‘cos of Airbus.  Yeap.  We were supposed to meet up yesterday and for the 3rd or 4th time, he cancelled on me.  It made me wonder if he had genuinely forgiven me for what happened 2 years ago or was he taking revenge?  ‘Cos that was precisely what i did to him after i made that slip of tongue… we would arrange to meet, and then i would find some lame excuse to back out.

In the end, we did manage to meet up for dinner & dessert today.  Even did a bit of shopping.  Had a fantastic time… just like we used to.  We chatted and laughed tons.  I am, obviously, very happy now… was smiling to myself all the way home on the MRT.

After i got home, i realised that in the past 8+ years that i’ve known him, we’ve never taken a photo together!  Haha.  Coincidentally, the same thought crossed his mind ‘cos he just mentioned it on MSN.  Haha.  Anyway, we’ve agreed to take some pictures the next time we meet up.

U know, sometimes life is like a game of chess… and i hate it when it’s my turn to make a move… but i’m running out of time.

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