Papa Smurf

I have a really nice senior from hall.  He’s always been the super helpful, super friendly sort, always going beyond his call of duty to help anyone in need.  (So it’s perfect that he’s a teacher now!).

Sort of lost touch with this senior after i left Hall 11… not that i was really close to Papa Smurf during my hall days… but there were times when we were close.  Anyway, i bumped into Papa Smurf at Dragonfly about a month ago and we’ve been keep in touch again since then.

Knowing that i’ve morphed into a cheongster monster, Papa Smurf will sms me every weekend (almost) to see what i’m doing.  Last Friday, Papa Smurf sms’d to ask where i was clubbing.  Told him i was at Dbl O & invited him to join me.  He said i was really “on”, but he couldn’t make it that day ‘cos he was dying from overwork.  Not sure what made me say it… perhaps it was after downing 1/2 a jug of vodka lime (part of some silly forfeit)… i said i was feeling a little down and so i decide to go party a bit.  Papa Smurf asked what was bothering me but i couldn’t really sms ‘cos i was still playing finger gussing games with my friends.

Papa Smurf offered to send me home if i was too drunk to drive… but i assured him i’ll be fine.  (Well, i dragged Buddy & another guy out to supper to “digest” the alcohol before driving home!)  Anyway, i thought it was really nice of him.  Rare to find someone who’s willing to go out of his way for a friend.  I told Papa Smurf that he was a good senior… and he said, “Don’t say senior.  Sounds so old.  We’re brothers & sisters in Christ.”  I was touched.  ‘Cos… er… if i got home from work at 11pm, i don’t think i’ll be very Christ-like at all…

Anyway, Papa Smurf called just now to check how i was doing.  Told him there wasn’t really any 1 thing that was bothering me… just an accmulation of small stuff that’s putting a damper on my usual hyperactivity.  Ended up “biyaching” about some students in his school.  Haha.  Even then, his patience amazes me.

Oh well, just wanted to say that i’m grateful for good friends whom i can count on, even if there were times when the friendship was really dormant.  And if u’re wondering why he’s called Papa Smurf… haha… that’s ‘cos he has the same surname as me… and the same name as my dad! 😛

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