Salsaholic Tuesday

Went down to Union Square again just now.  Was really really tired ‘cos i slept at 3am last night but ‘cos i already made arrangements with a friend, i didn’t want to cancel my plans.  (Yep, i’m the type who when i set out to do something, i don’t give up till i achieve my goal).  Plus, i really hate cancelling plans.

Anyway, there’s this waiter/bartender at Union who must’ve been working there for the past 2-3 years ‘cos i remember him from the time i used to go very often.  In the past, i’ve always wondered why he never seemed to recognise me despite my frequent visits to Union.  Found out today that i was wrong.  Haha.  He does recognise me… just that he never said it before. 

I’m not sure what’s the waiter’s name.. but he commented just now that i haven’t been to Union for quite a while… and he also said i looked damn tired.  Ask if i wanted coffee instead of the coke i ordered.  The waiter also commented that i look like Zhang Hui Mei.  Sigh.. i said looking like her no use… must be able to sing like her!  He asked if anyone commented that i look like her before… i said no… but in actual fact… he’s not the first.  I personally don’t think i resemble her at all… but i don’t know.  Perhaps dim lighting plays tricks on people’s eyes.  Coincidentally, i love to sing A*mei’s songs but just like my appearance… i’m a pirated version only.  Haha.

In any case, it was nice going to Union again.  2nd time in 2 weeks!  Gupz is right… it’s a good start. 🙂

Ok… i’m falling asleep at my computer as it is.  Got a meeting at 8:30am tomorrow.  Argh.. my turn to take minutes.  I’m so screwed… Bleah!

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