Jacky Wu – 100% Victory

There’s this Jacky Wu dancing competition variety show every Mon night at 1am which i really love to watch.  Recently, i’ve been rather fascinated by the pole dancing segment.  The reigning queen of pole dancing, Niu Niu has really left a deep impression on me.  Yeap… deep enough to almost inspire me to learn pole dancing myself.  Almost.  😉

What impresses me the most is that although this is the 3rd time i’ve seen her on the programme (i think she might’ve performed more times on the show just that i didn’t manage to catch the other episodes), everytime she does her routines, she has new stunts (yes, stunts… like fly in the air, swivel around the pole kind of acrobatic stunts), which is truly amazing!  ‘Cos this shows how creative she can be!

A lot of her challengers have shown remarkable difficulty in the stunts they’ve performed however, what stands Niu Niu apart is that she has this really gentle & feminine grace when she dances, which the rest lacks.  So far, all the other pole dancers i’ve seen just go for the “bam wham” aggressive kind of style.  Hence, Niu Niu’s gentleness combined with her stunts just makes her one class above the rest.

I really hope she comes back next week ‘cos i really want to watch her dance some more!  Just a littttttle bit worried ‘cos she’s been on the show for so long so the producers may deem it good to have some “fresh blood”…. and… tonight’s challenger was really good with her stunts… though she definitely lacked the feminine touch.

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